PRO EFB + Cooler II - Combo

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Aerocoast Pro Cooler II + Water bottle attachment 

Specifications and NEW features:

Finally a great Flight bag/Cooler combination all Flight and Cabin Crews will love. Why settle for just a cooler when you can have it all in one with this genius compact all in one multi use bag?

All Aerocoast cooler bags have multiple layers of foam type insulation infused to an additional rigid layer for enhanced durability and temperature control. 

Aerocoast does not use cardboard materials in our bags like other crew bags companies. 

Eat healthy and save money on the road and in the skies.  We have worked jointly with professional flight and cabin crews to design a highly usable product to meet most if not all your requirements.

Tired of lugging around more bags than you have to?  Tired of choosing between healthy food and snacks options or a laptop, iPad, or manuals?  Now you can have it all in one compact easy to use bag.  The EFB+Pro Cooler II has an attached laptop compartment to carry and protect your laptop, EFB, or iPad.   

The Pro EFB+Cooler II has a taller insulated compartment for more food storage.  In addition, it’s our only cooler bag with a bottom expandable compartment for even more storage.  As always all our coolers come with YKK Zippers, ergonomic snap handle, and quick access sunglass compartment for easy storage and organization.



The interlocking handle is designed for hand carry and contact with soft and padded surfaces.  We recommend wrapping of metal J hook carry devices with padded materials such as tape or neoprene to prevent damaging the handle. Damage such as cracking and breaking caused by metal  J hook is not covered under manufactures warranty.


  • New water bottle attachment compatible.     (Included)
  • New water Headset attachment compatible. (Sold Separately)
  • Outside 15x12x9 inches
  • Food compartment 14x10x6 inches
  • Laptop compartment 14x9.5x1 inches
  • Expandable bottom compartment 14x7x1.5 inches
  • Top storage compartment 14x7x1.5 inches
  • New water bottle attachment compatible.     (Included)
  • New water Headset attachment compatible. (Sold Separately)
  • New water bottle attachment system (included)
  • Ergonomic interlocking handle for quick, easy, and comfortable use.
  • Quick access sunglass compartment
  • Upper organizational accessory compartment
  • Main insulated compartment
  • Expandable bottom storage compartment
  • Water resistant material construction.
  • Two front storage compartments with organizer sleeves
  • Two side storage compartments
  • Rear laptop, iPad, or EFB compartment
  • Crew card holder
  • Shoulder strap attachment
  • High quality YKK zippers
  • Easy X-ray screening at TSA checkpoints so you will never take out your laptop again.
  • Save time and protect your laptop, iPad or EFB from damage.
  • Four additional pockets for easy storage of accessories
  • Rigid case construction for added durability
  • Leak resistant main compartment.
  • Fits under aircraft seats for easy stowage on travel
  • New water bottle attachment compatible.     (Included)
  • New water Headset attachment compatible. (Sold Separately)

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